Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lee Iacocca's Rock Concert

A slightly more obscure "SCTV" clip. Lee A. Iococca was the head of Chrysler when this clip aired. He sought and was given a loan guarantee for Chrysler by the United States government, and played a pivotal role in Chrysler's TV ads. "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" was a weekly TV show for popular music acts of the day. Put the two together and you get "Lee A. Iococca's Rock Concert!" This clip was a special request from ConnDevi88, who wanted to see Rick Moranis doing his Ringo impression! Look for a picture of a young Chastity Bono - now Chaz Bono - in a shot at the beginning with Sonny, Cher and Dave Thomas as Lee Iacocca. Also look for a spoof of a famous Bigfoot film clip during the Gino Vanelli song. If you don't know who people like Gino Vanelli and Slim Whitman are/were, find yourself a good search engine and get busy!
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